The BASS 3050 is a universal automatic welt pocket sewing machine. The machine processes all prevalent pocket openings with and without flaps.

The BASS 3050 is impressive with its high operating speed. The clamp transport and all cutter systems of the sewing machine have their own separate drive. The clamp transport is controlled fully automatically by a stepper motor and the centre cutter is driven by a separate electric motor.

  • Simple operation
  • Quick learning process
  • Quick changeover from double welting to single welting
  • Customised setting for stitching and transport speed
  • Automatic sensing of flap length
  • Independent drives for clamp transport as well as all cutting systems
  • Easily programmable
  • Needle distances can be retrofitted from 8 mm–24 mm, in steps of 2 mm
  • Cutter adjustment for corner cutter position in steps of 0.1 mm
Program pre-selection:

The pre-programmed seam is selected on the control panel.

Manual working steps:

Weltings, flaps and additional parts are kept on tray table and fed manually.

Automatic sewing process:

The pocket opening gets sewn and cut fully automatic in one pass. Next, the ready-made sewn is placed by the stacker for further processing.

Work ergonomics:

The swivel-out folding station enables easy access for set-up and service work.

Matthias Heyn

+49 (0) 6095 99233-15