The BASS 3204B is an automatic pocket sewing machine specially engineered for sewing in welted breast pockets. Simple operation and high operating speed characterise this universal automatic pocket sewing machine.


  • Simple operation
  • Quick learning process
  • Easily programmable
  • Freely programmable controller with memory for 40 seams
  • Customised setting for sewing and transport speed
  • Customised programming possible for stitch length, backtacking or condensed stitching.
  • Independent stepper motor drives for transport clamp and all cutting systems
  • Automatic welt sensing
Program pre-selection:

The pre-programmed seam is selected on the control panel.

Manual working steps:

First, the sewing parts are placed in position. The welt and enclosed sections are kept ready on the laying table and fed manually.

Automatic sewing process:

The pocket opening is sewn completely automatically in one sewing operation and cut. Next, the ready-made sewn parts is placed by the stacker for further processing.

Work ergonomics:

The swivel-out folding station enables easy access for set-up and service work.

Matthias Heyn

+49 (0) 6095 99233-15