The sewing system BASS 5800 is designed for small to medium size trouser production facilities. Beside felling pocket facings on pocket pouches, the left fly piece can be felled and the right fly piece can be felled on, and even the right and left pocket facings can be felled at the opening.


  • Freely programmable controller
  • Processing of pocket facings of all sizes
  • Customised seam length programming
  • Quick learning process
  • High level of utilisation of the sewing system even for small quantities
  • Stitch condensation or seam locking is programmable
  • Overlapping method of working possible
  • Automatic seam length sensing with photocell
  • Use for three different work steps
Program pre-selection:

The pre-programmed seam is selected on the control panel.

Working steps:

Top-stitch the facing:

After picking up the facings, the pleating operation is initiated automatically and then placed on the pocket pouch. Now the transport unit moves it further to the needle. After sewing, the sewing material gets brought to the stacking position.

Felling the fly facing on the left side:

The front side of the trousers is fixed on the working table by the vacuum and the left fly piece is placed on the front part of the trouser by the pleating station after it is accepted. The transport unit accepts the sewing piece.

Felling the pocket piece on the left and right sides:

The procedure is the same as the left fly piece.

Stitch on the right fly piece:

The front of the trouser is placed, the edge ruler is retracted to place the zipper half and the fly facing, the zipper and the fly facing are positioned and the main clamp and moves it towards the needle.

Work ergonomics:

The system can be operated as a workstation either in standing or sitting position. The height of the table can be adjusted to the body height of the operator.

Matthias Heyn

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