The BASS 5300 is a sewing machine with which all straight facing can be stitched efficiently and with good stitching quality on pocket pouches. Different top stitch width can be adjusted by an efficient folding device.

The program enables sewing over the entire length of the pocket pouch as well as sewing only over the length of the facings.

Operation at the workstation is designed for quick learning process.

The machine functions are marked as graphical icons – the associated function parameters are displayed additionally in plain text.


  • Variable stitching widths
  • Quick learning process
  • Simple operation
  • Freely programmable
  • Backtacking or adjustable stitch condensation possible
  • Stitching of all straight pocket facings possible
  • Display of the machine functions by graphical icons
  • Customised programming of seam lengths
  • Automatic seam length sensing with the help of a photocell
  • Easy adjustment of seam widths
Program pre-selection:

The pre-programmed seam is selected on the control panel.

Working steps:

The border is positioned on the laying station. The pocket pouch is positioned on the table.

Automatic sewing process:

The pleating operation is initiated auto­matically while picking up the facing and thereafter, it is placed on the pocket pouch. Now the transport unit transports it to the needle. After sewing, the stacking unit brings the sewing material to the stacking position.

Work ergonomics:

The system can be operated as a workstation either in standing or sitting position. The height of the table can be adjusted to the body height of the operator.

Matthias Heyn

+49 (0) 6095 99233-15