The sewing machine EWS 6410 is an efficient solution for closing center back seams on jackets. The use of the EWS 6410 guarantees an enormous increase in productivity. The fully overlapped work method and the uniform sewing results on different materials are the outstanding features of this workplace.


  • Freely programmable control unit
  • Individual stitch length programming
  • Optional programming of condensed stitches
  • Automatic sensor-controlled seam length scanning
  • Automatic chain cutter
  • Roller and stacking unit
  • Stepping motor-controlled top feed adjustment
  • Differential adjustment with stepping motor
  • High Quality performance
  • Less skill from operator
Program selection and adjustment:

The pre-programmed seam is selected on the control panel and can be called up again and again. The seam program and the widths for differential an top feed are also set on the control panel. The fabric clearance on the contour guide can be set with the aid of a quick adjustment device.

Automatic sewing process:

Both parts are moved from the rack to the table top and moved to the needle identically. At the end of the seam the roller moves the workpiece to the stacker.

Matthias Heyn

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