The EWS 6500 sewing machine stitches endless zippers on the fly pieces. The chain of the double chain seam lies at the bottom of the fly piece. Thus, you can no longer see the chain on the finished trouser and this also ensures greater safety of the seam. The accurate transport technology with separate material feed for the zipper and fly piece enables processing of the most diverse materials.

Even less experienced personnel achieve top-class sewing results on account of the ease of operation. The fully overlapped method of working ensures maximum productivity.


  • Simple operation
  • Quick learning process
  • Overlapping working
Program pre-selection:

The programmed seam is selected on the control panel.

Manual working steps:

The proper sewing program is selected via the controller. The endless zipper is brought into the guide. The fly facing part is placed on the edge ruler and the sewing operation is initiated with the help of a manual switch.

Automatic sewing process:

After initiating the sewing operation, the zipper tape is stitched to the fly facing part.

The sewn parts are then cut by hand and deposited. Optionally, the machine may be fitted with an automatic cutter and stacking device. In this case, you need not cut manuall

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