The EWS 6450 sewing machine is a compact and powerful workplace for closing elbow seams.

Sewing interruption in the sleeves with lining is programmed and executed auto­matically. The sewing head, Pegasus EXT 3216-03 works with a double chain stitch seam (Type 401).

The beginning and end of the seam are controlled by photocell sensing. An adjustable contour guide that can be moved laterally ensures consistent seam widths over the entire length of the seam.

The multi-width distribution can be adjusted partially by seam programming.


  • Freely programmable controller
  • Quick learning process
  • Easy retrieval of the sewing programs
  • Fullness adjustment via program control
  • Simple operation
  • Automatic chain separation
  • Automatic sewing interruption according to the programming
  • Automatic transport for sewing inter­ruption with thread cutting feature
Program pre-selection:

The programmed seam is selected on the control panel.

Manual working steps:

The contour guide is adjusted to the sewing material. The sewing parts are taken from where they are stored, placed on the tabletop and brought congruently to the needle. The outer material seam is sewn manually up to the lining seam (lining by hand). Next, the contour guide is moved in and the automatic seam is initiated with the help of the pedal.

Automatic sewing process:

After starting the sewing operation, the seam is sewn up to the sewing interruption. In case of sewing interruption, the transport device takes the sewing material and brings it to the position of the next start of the seam in order to complete sewing the part. Next, the ready-made sewn section is placed by the stacker (201/6) for further processing.

Work ergonomics:

The machine is constructed with a sitting workplace for the operator. The table height can be adjusted individually to the operator.

Matthias Heyn

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